How can we avoid being overwhelmed by negative emotions?

How can we avoid being overwhelmed by negative emotions?

Everyone would like to have a peaceful, happy life. However, it is not usually possible to be satisfied with everything in life. That can lead to all sorts of negative emotions which can overpower us at times. If the destructive emotions result from our failure to achieve what we are supposed to do, then, it is understandable and manageable.

The problem is when you leave home happily, without a single problem at home, at school or at work; but suddenly, a surge of adverse emotions strangely remove the peace within you. How does it happen? How to avoid being overwhelmed such undesirable emotions? Read the article and find some steps to avoid falling under the grip of negative emotions.

Identify the toxic feelings

To the first thing to do is to pinpoint the adverse emotion and its root causes. Is it your feeling? Or is it someone else's feeling? What has caused it to happen? During this step, it is also essential to identify the feeling whether it is anger, or frustration, or sadness, or even depression. Then, if any feeling is relevant to you, it is sure that the feeling is yours.

However, if you are sure that there is nothing special which might have triggered such a negative feeling in you, then, it must be the feeling of someone who is sitting next to you or in front of you. This might happen when you are in the middle of a crowd in a bus or at a meeting room.

This destructive feeling may result also from the negative energy transmitted by a suffering individual who is around you; and even though they do not reveal any of their problems and frustration to you, it is possible for you to know and feel it and to understand their anguish.

Step away for a while

Failing to take actions rights away, you will absorb the negative energy and will fall exactly under the trap of the destructive feeling. Therefore, as soon as you have a clear idea about the source of the negative feeling, the next step consists of taking some courses of action to avoid becoming overpowered by the negative feeling. 

  • If it is possible, step one room away from the possible source of adverse feeling; but be careful and stay calm to avoid offending the person. 
  • If distancing yourself from the source of harmful energy makes you feel better, then, it is sure that the reason for the feeling was identified. 
  • If you have to stay near the source of the negative energy, it is crucial to proceed with the next step right away.

Meditate on it

If you have stayed for some time within the same room where the negativity arose, it is crucial that you spend 10 or 15 minutes to chase away and overcome the negative feeling. Focus your attention on your breath and manage it. Breathe in and inhale tranquility; then, breathe out and exhale the negative feeling, including frustration, depression, melancholy or burst of anger.

Repeat the same process until you can breathe in and out normally. Feel that your beats normally again, too. If you are a believer in God, chase the negative feeling in his name as you work on your breathing.

Free yourself from the negative feeling

Scan your guts by placing your palm on it and find out that where it hurt when you touch it. In fact, emotions reside in your guts, somewhere just above the abdomen, under the heart. Place your palm, with your forefinger and middle finger putting light pressure on the lodge of the emotion. Calm yourself and chase the negative energy from there.

Send some words of peace and love to that area to clear it completely. Be patient and repeat the same process every day, in the morning or in the evening if you have been overwhelmed by uneasiness, depression or frustration. This will restore your inner strengths once the toxic emotions are chased away from your guts.

Get a protection against adverse feeling

The next step is to pray and visualize the inner peace within you, as what the peace mediator Prem Rawat said. Then, visualize a bright light acts as a shield, which covers you and keeps you safe from the insurgence of negative, harmful feelings.

One method suggested by health-care practitioners and some religious leaders is to visualize the bright light to cover your entire body, just like how the earth is protected by the atmosphere. This bright light is armor to safeguard us from the dark feelings.

Meditate on the source of the negative emotion

After feeling calm, spend another 10 or 15 minutes to meditate on the reason for the adverse feeling. Sit down and, again, ask yourself questions some questions and ponder over the answers, as follows: what might have caused such a feeling in that person? What can I do to help them attain inner peace?

When you meet the individual who is suffering from negativity again, try to share some words of peace with them. For example, you can share some of Prem Rawat's messages of peace that it is possible to achieve inner peace by following any of the proposed methods, which they can find suitable.

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