The power of writing to regain inner peace

The power of writing to regain inner peace

Writing is a form of communication which has existed for thousands of years. It can be represented through pictures, hieroglyphics, signs, letters, and other. Studies have shown the power of writing in students to memorize their lessons. The peace ambassador and messenger, Prem Rawat, even painted the words of peace saying "Peace is possible" in vibrant colors in a mural in London, U.K. because as the saying goes, writing stays forever.

In fact, there are several potentials of writing to be mentioned in this article. Writing helps to stay focused when you are listening to someone or to yourself. Another key role of writing is that it helps to attain goals. Furthermore, the power of writing to clear the vision should not be neglected. So, keep reading and find out the power of writing to help you regain inner peace.

The power of writing to clear the vision

Lack of vision makes some individuals unfocused. Indeed, they waste their time looking at what their peers or neighbors are doing, instead of identifying their potential and their plans to achieve a certain objective. They do not have any specific goal for themselves; therefore, they become unsteady.

This also implies that such individuals do not have peace within. To have a clear vision, it is essential that you write anything which comes in mind concerning the problem. When it started and what the root causes of the problems are or might be. Then, write about its possible consequences, especially if no measures will be taken soon.

Finally, on a separate page, write down all possible solutions. You may write your suggested solutions along with some propositions from a religious leader or spiritual coach to attain inner peace. Then, spend some time meditating on everything over and decide on what to do.

Writing helps to stay focused

In order to stay focused during an important meeting, it is common for people to take notes of the minutes and all the main points of the meeting. And if you are sometimes sleepy or lack focus during the meeting, the notes help you to keep track of everything. Likewise, writing can help you regain inner peace.

Write your steps during the process for the attainment of inner tranquility. Aside from that, note down any pieces of advice from the religious leader or spiritual coaches with all your goals. For example, if your goal is to get rid of a bad habit, then, write down any course of action that you have to take to reach it.

Writing helps to attain goals

To regain inner tranquility, it is crucial to follow the following steps which involve writing: 

  • Brainstorm your ideas and your goals on a scrap paper. 
  • Once everything is clear, this means that you have got a clear vision of your path to success, and you are on the way to inner peace. 
  • The next step is to copy everything again on a notebook. Clear writing helps the memory to focus and attain goals. 
  • Indicate the dates of each step that you take and with your goals. 
  • Focus on your potential and skills 
  • Calm down your mind, be optimistic to reach them 
  • Write down the courses of actions or plans to be taken to attain those objectives, using your own way.

Writing has the power to regain inner peace

Journal writing is a method used in teaching to raise students' awareness of their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, they have to include their daily progress and their weekly objectives in their journal. This strategy is also an efficient tool to build students' confidence.

To regain inner peace, it is equally advisable to keep a journal in which you write your character defects and your inner strengths. Focus on eliminating the weaknesses and enforcing your potentials. The peace mediator, Prem Rawat, teaches about a kind of meditation called ‘Knowledge' to help participants discover their inner strengths and become more optimistic. Thus, it is essential to write regularly to achieve inner peace.

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