Photo Loneliness: a source of happiness and peace?

Loneliness: a source of happiness and peace?

Loneliness can be defined as the feeling of sadness because of not having friends or company. This might be due to separation or remoteness. Yet, loneliness is a noun from the word "alone"; thus, loneliness can merely represent the state of being alone, without the feeling of sadness.

In this article, let us explore the fact of being alone or loneliness as a source of happiness and peace, to enjoy the gift of life, as the ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat said. It is common knowledge that some spiritual individuals prefer to stay alone in remote places to develop spiritually and emotionally.

This includes monks and other religious people who choose to stay away from their relatives to build a new community to discover inner peace. They have more opportunities to become good citizens when they are alone. Keep reading to discover how loneliness can be turned into peace and happiness.

Loneliness is an opportunity to personal development

If an individual is in the quest for spiritual development, they feel the need to have more time for themselves, to read books and documents about the paths to serenity, which are available. However, it is often difficult to proceed as needed when there are many people around.

Living in society requires individuals to take care of each other. For example, it is necessary to do the laundry for the family, or cook a meal, and even drive the kids to school, which will leave just a little time for oneself, especially when it is essential to do the regular 9 to 5 job.

In contrast, loneliness can enrich you with a satisfactory time to proceed in your journey to spiritual and emotional development. Besides, if you wish to set out on a spiritual retreat in a foreign country, you have more freedom to join because you are free from any emotional bondage from a lover or a close relative. Thus, seclusion is a source of peace and happiness.

Loneliness induces mind tranquility

If you have limited time because of personal commitment and devotion to particular persons, many of the goals for humanity cannot be carried out. However, loneliness can endow an individual with the freedom to achieve the path as it is instructed by spiritual coach, like the peace ambassador, Prem Rawat.

Another reason why lonesomeness can trigger peace and happiness is that it gives there is more opportunity to boost mind tranquility. Mind tranquility can be developed through prayers and meditation. The more quiet an individual is, the more successful and efficient the journey to inner peace is. It is therefore, possible to have more time to put the teachings from spiritual knowledge into practice.

For example, they can visit prisoners in jail, or visit orphan kids and physically challenged individuals and bring charity acts. Loneliness can make an individual at peace with the most deprived people, which will definitely create unmeasurable happiness.

Loneliness can lead to good characters

Loneliness is an opportunity to develop good moral conducts and behavior. It is obvious that spiritual individuals who live in seclusion together are more pacific and more altruistic. They act for peace and usually think about undertaking good deeds for humanity.

They are characterized by their meekness, modesty, forgiving, and merciful. All the good characters are found in them, and their language is far from being insulting or offensive. It is certain that they have peace within and happiness fills their heart.

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